RNA Interference

Knockdown of EGFP expression.
A. Culture of myocytes infected with Ad-EGFP and the same amount of empty virus. Aa, transmitted light at low magnification; Ac, same field as fluorescence image. Ab, phase contrast image of selected cells at higher magnification. The inset shows regular cross striation pattern at higher magnification. Ad, fluorescence image of the same field.
B. Photomicrographs of a sister culture infected with Ad-EGFP plus Ad-siEGFP; a through d have the same meaning as in panel A. The cells were infected about 24 h after plating. Photomicrographs were taken on d 8 days after infection.
C. Time-dependence of siRNA-induced decrease in cell fluorescence. Bars represent mean fractions of fluorescent cells SE; n=3 i.e. 3 dishes containing myocytes isolated from different animals; 4 fields of 1 mm2 were counted and averaged. Ad-EGFP / Ad-siEGFP double infected cultures are represented by the open bars. Black bars represent Ad-EGFP / empty virus infected controls.

D. Time dependence of siRNA-induced reduction of EGFP mRNA (n=6).