Areas of Research

Signalling via G protein-coupled receptors
- Target specificity of G protein-coupled receptors
- Regulation of G protein-activated inward-rectifying K+ (GIRK) channels by
  G protein subunits, phosphoinositides and other factors
- Roles of RGS proteins
- The role of different GIRK subunits
- Physiological role and identity of cardiac sphingolipid receptors

Experimental techniques

Isolation and long-term culture of adult cardiac myocytes More...
- Manipulation of gene-expression in cardiac myocytes
- Construction of conventional and adenovirus-based expression vectors More...
- Knockout of protein expression by RNA interference using adenoviral
  constructs More...
- Site-directed mutagenesis of signalling proteins
- Reconstitution of signalling pathways in cell lines
- Patch clamp measurements
- FRET measurements More...